1. Are There Any Shipping Fees?

For our customer in Surabaya, shipping is completely free of charge.

We also sent to our customer all over Indonesia and we charge additional delivery fee plus insurance coverage. This fee will be calculated once you place your order.

  1. What Method of shipping Do You Use? Is My Package Insured During Shipping?

Shipment within Indonesia will be sent via JNE, except for Surabaya which will be sent personally by our team.

All packages will be sent with care and full insured.

  1. How Can I Track My Order?

Once your order is shipped, you can go via this link below:

Waybill number will be informed via email registered during the purchase process.

  1. Do I or Someone Else Need To Sign For My Package? What If I Am Not Home At The Time Of Delivery?

Yes, yourself or someone else must be at your specified address at the time of delivery and must sign for your purchase.

If there is no-one present at your specified address at the time of delivery, the item will be redelivered to you the next day.

Please note, time of delivery will be vary depend of the courier on duty.

  1. What Is Your Returns/Refunds Policy?
  • All items purchased is not returnable and exchangeable unless the item is completely different to the item you purchased.
  • Complaint must be lodged within 1×24 hours after the item is received. This will be decided based on the tracking page of the delivery.
  • Items categorized under the sale section, pre-loved & consignment are un-returnable. Make sure adequate information is received by asking details to us.
  1. I Have a different problem or question which is not listed above. How Can I Contact THE AVENUE 88?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via Online chat which available on bottom right of this page. Alternatively, contact us via Line: cstheavenue88, or fill in the form in the contact section of this website.  

  1. What is the different between Pre-Order and Ready to Buy?

Pre-Order: Your goods availability will be confirm and item will usually delivered in 2 or 3 weeks.

Ready to Buy: Item will be ship immediately.


  1. How Can I Be Guaranteed Authenticity?

We accordingly provide 100% guarantee of authenticity on every items that we sell, meaning that you can shop with peace of mind.

We acquired our new items first handily straight out of Europe and for our consignment items, our team undertake a number of verification check to ensure the authenticity of the product, as well as validate that the product matches the seller’s description on our website.

  1. What Is The Difference Between New Items and Consignment Items?

There are two different type items available on THE AVENUE 88: New Items and Consignment Items.

New Items

This section is designated to those who don’t have any issues with waiting. Most of the items in this category will come in between 1 to 4 weeks. Items are BRAND NEW straight out of Europe.

Consignment Items.

This section is designated to those who seek a bargain. Goods in this category are acquired from our consumers. Mostly described as unsuitable present or pre-loved. Most items are still in the hand of the seller and must be sent to The Avenue 88 after they sold. Our team of experts will check the condition and authenticity of the items before we ship it to you.

Please note, due to this process, please allow approximately 7 working days in order for the items to be sent to you.

  1. Why Is Most of New Items Only Available By Request?

There are two different types of new item at THE AVENUE 88: “By Request” Items and “In-stock” Items.

“By Request” Items: (Marked with “By Request”) These items are requiring buyer to contact us to confirm the availability of the item they want to purchase. Therefore, buyer must contact us via the chat box underneath of the page in order to buy items marked with “By request”. Please take notes, as this is by request, availability and price might be varying according to the market.

 “In-stock”: (Marked with “In stock”) are items that are ready to be purchased straight away. Availability is 99% available. However, wait period might still be involved.

  1. When Will I Receive The Item I Bought?

“By request” Items: Within 1-4 Weeks

“In stock” items: Within 1-4 Weeks

Consignment Items: Approximately 7 Working days

  1. How Can I Pay For An Item On The Avenue 88 website?

We currently offer the following payment options:

  • Bank Transfer – BCA & Mandiri
  • Credit Card (Via Doku Wallet) – 3% surcharge will be applied
  1. Where Can I Redeem My Voucher Code?

If you want to use a voucher code, you can redeem it during checkout process. In step “Shopping Cart” you can enter your voucher code on “coupon code” box. If the code is valid, the amount will be deducted from the total order value and you will receive a confirmation notice. If the code is not valid, an error message will be displayed.

  1. How Do I Find The Correct Clothing Size

We use international size chart that allow you to compare the various indicated sizes. The size indicated on the website corresponds to the size specified by the seller and/or the size used by the designer. Please note that different manufactures may be using different size definitions. If you are unsure, you can ask our team directly via the Online Chat option on the bottom right of our pages.

  1. I Would Like Additional Information About An Item. Who Can I Approach?

For questions about an item, please use the feature online chat that is available on the bottom right of our pages. Our expert team will happily answer any of your questions.

  1. Do Items Come With Original Dust Bag and Packaging?

You can always check if the item comes with its original dust bag and packaging in the display page in our website. If the item does not come with its original dust bag and box, don’t worry, you will get our beautiful TheAvenue88 dust bag.

  1. When Will My Account Be Charged For My Purchase?

The exact time of the debit from your account depends on your payment method and the payment provider involved: – If you are paying with a credit card, the amount will usually appear 3 days after your purchase on your bank statement.  If you are paying by bank transfer, you will be charge straightaway following your transfer.



  1. What Kind Of Items Can I Sell At THE AVENUE 88?

We only accept original designer items such as handbags, shoes and accessories. In exceptional cases, however, we also accept items from other up- and –coming designer and hot brands. However, items uploaded are subject to our screening.

Your items should be in a good condition, cleaned and suitable for resale. Please mention any faults and add accurate description of the item’s condition. Any miss-matched on the items’ description will result in the future consequences.

  1. How Can I Best Determine My Price?

When determining the selling price, you should consider what you would like to earn and whether the price is realistic. Other factors to consider include popularity, rarity, condition and availability of supplementary items (Original Box, Authenticity Card, Original Dust bag and Receipt) of the item. Items priced too-high will result in the difficulty of selling it.

  1. What Is The Best Way To Photograph My Items?

We recommend that you take pictures of your items in daylight or adequate artificial lighting and against a plain white background. Bright walls, doors or floors are particularly well suited. For bright garments you should opt for a darker, more contrasting background.

Make sure to show the natural shape of the item and avoid any wrinkles. Blouses, dresses or jackets are best photographed hanging in a doorframe or on a plain background (e.g. a wall). You can also put your clothes on a simple mannequin (if available). In order to maintain a uniform appearance on the platform, please do not photograph your items while wearing them or on fancy mannequins with faces or similar.

Show your items in total, from different perspectives and also take pictures of details and special features like embellishments, buttons and a colourful lining.

  1. How Can I Best Describe My Item? What Should The Description Contain?

Your description should include all important information, characteristics and details of the item. This may also include logos or an eye-catching pattern. The material and workmanship are of equal importance to interested buyers, as is information on how comfortable it is to wear and maintenance. Is the sizing true to size? Obvious signs of use or faults are also to be included in the description.

  1. Where Do I Have To Send My Items To?

When your item is sold, we will notify you and sent you our dedicated shipping address. We strongly suggest the following day for the seller to ship the item.

  1. How Much Are The Shipping Costs from the seller to us?

We recommend that you should use overnight package delivery (ie Tiki ONS or JNE Yes) + Insurance while delivered your item to us. As this item is delivered by you to our end, fee will be on your own responsibility.

  1. Which Evidence Can I Provide To Prove The Authenticity Of My Item?

To prove the authenticity of your item, you may send us receipts, certificates of authenticity and original packaging. Also remember to emphasize this in the item description — this may increase the attractiveness of your item. Any misconduct will result in the future consequences. 

  1. When Will My Item Be Available Online For Sale?

We will review the information you have given us and list the item online as soon as possible. On average, items listed by yourself will be online within 3 working days. Remember that all items are subject to our screening.

  1. How Quickly Will My Item Be Sold?

There is no general answer to this question. The probability of your item selling quickly strongly depends on the item’s price and condition. Your chances of selling your item also increase if it is very popular or an all- time classic.

  1. For How Long Will My Items Be Available For Sale at THE AVENUE 88? And What Will Happen if My Items Don’s Sell?

Items that you have listed will stay on THE AVENUE 88 on the infinite time. So, it is based up until they are sold. In case they don’t sell within 3 months, we will try to get in touch with you and recommend that you reduce your selling price.

We reserve the right to take you out of sale after 12 month, if they don’t sale.

  1. When and From Whom Will I receive the money for The Item I have sold?

As soon as the sale has been finalised (the item has been sent to and approved by the buyer) you will receive your revenue / compensation from THE AVENUE 88. It will be transferred straight to your bank account.

  1. How Is My Sales Revenue Calculated?

Here is what you will earn for your consignment based on the sale price:

  • IDR         0          –     4.999.999    : 85.00%
  • IDR   5.000.000 –   19.999.999     : 90.00%
  • IDR 20.000.000 –   59.999.999     : 92.50%
  • IDR     More  than     60.000.000   : 96.00%
  1. I Have Listed an Item for Sale on the Avenue 88, but it is sold elsewhere or being given to someone else or being damaged, what should I do?

If the item has changed on its condition as per it is described earlier, or it is being sold elsewhere YOU MUST TELL US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Any late update will result in the future consequences!

  1. Can I remove Items That Are Currently on Sale? And How Does This Work?

You can remove items that you have listed at any time, free of charge, as long as they have not been sold. To do so please sent us a massage on our online chat or simply send us an email.

  1. Why Doesn’t THE AVENUE 88 Accept all Items?

The Avenue 88 is designated to cater all the luxury branded lover. To align with this purpose, we do apologies that some brand are not accepted by us. To know the details, please do get in touch with us.