how does it work ?


1. Find your desired item
2. Ask for inquiries and proceed for payment
3. Wait for our staff to verify the authenticity and check the condition of your item
4. Receive your item within 7 working days after payment


1. Prepare your item completely
2. Find clear background and capture your item sharply
3. Wait for our call or messages for confirmation
4. Pack and deliver your item then have your money within 7 working days after our staff receives your item

3 types of consignment

Direct consignment

6 months period


Free spa (to make your item looks appealing)

Free pick-up Surabaya area

Free return Surabaya area (after 6 months)

1 month period


You can consign your item at our store

(no free spa, no free pick up and return)


We will encourage you to gradually reduce the price of your item per month until it meets customer’s demand.

*If you disagree with the price adjustment, you can take back your item before 6 months with charge. (charge is 35.000 for delivery around Surabaya or you can pick-up your item in store freely)

Indirect consignment

You can send your photos to our LINE admin and our team will market your item to several social medias like instagram, tokopedia, website, etc.

I’ts very recommended to consignee from outside of Surabaya. Don’t forget to take a good picture and make your item look interesting!


We also will dedicate a lot of professional, detailed, and alluring photos of your preloved item!

The chance of your item being sold will increase 50%!


Attractive Photo


Glowing Leather




Unattractive Photo


Dull Leather



consignment rate