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Amanda Kohar


Which one do you prefer? Stilleto or wedges? And why?
“Can’t choose between stiletto or wedges heels, because it depends on the occasion. For me, on a formal event to look sexy and feel good about it is important, I’m much more confident when using stiletto. But for everyday use wedges heels is more comfortable.”

Amelia Gonta, MD


What is the most comfortable heels according to you?

“I really love to wear platform heels, it makes me look taller without hurting my feet. So far, the most comfortable brand I’ve tried is Jimmy Choo”

Mina Karina Jayanata

[Co-Founder Jayanata]

Beauty tips for women above 50 :

  1. Regular facial & skincare routine at home: cleansing, good moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated, protect skin from sunscreen with spf 30/higher
  2. Wrinkle is normal: u can use non invasive laser, radio frequency, and hifu to increase elasticity and tighten skin
  3. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water
  4. Love yourself, sleep enough, and work out regularly

Chrisnawan Yusnandar


What is fashion to you?

“Fashion is the best way to show people what you worth”

Dian Yapola


Do you prefer flat shoes or sneakers for travelling? Why?

“I will choose sneakers for sure! Because it gives me the swagger look and I can feel the comfort while strolling the city”

Donny Sunarko


Gucci or Givenchy? State the reason!

“Givenchy. I just love the monochrome style on it”

Esther Gracia


Who is your favorite Korean role model and why?

“My Korean role model is @ireneisgood . She’s the most happening fashion blogger in Korea with 750k instagram followers. She always shares her daily killer outfits with a fresh and modern style. She also has a model contract with brand Estee Lauder. She’s feminine yet chic and fashionable”

Marcella Caroline Jaya


Name 3 of your favorite world designers!
“I’m obsessed with fashion life, there are many world fashion designers that amaze me, 3 of them are Zuhair Murad, Versace and Dolce & Gabanna. Their masterpieces are super inspiring.”

Amelia Sherley


What is your favorite type of heels? And why?

“For me stilleto fits the best. Because it can make my legs looks sexy, its fashionable and most importantly it gives me self confidence”

Carolina C. Sasongko

[Make Up Artist]

What bag do you like to bring on holidays?

“CHANEL BOY! I love travelling with Chanel boy bag since it’s a sling bag which is very light, secure, and modest at the same time. It looks good with any clothes to wear”

Jonathan Wongso

[Wong Hang Tailor]

What is your favorite dress shoes brand that is very comfortable and always works out with any kind of Wong Hang suit?

“Lately I’ve been fond of loafers. It looks stylish and still formal enough to be worn with any suits yet very comfortable at the same time. My favorite one at the moment is Tom Ford Tassel Loafer”

Iline Sugianto and Margaret Yunita

[Blogger/Influencer/Founders of VONDII]

According to VONDII, name 3 colors a woman should have in her closet beside black and white!

“Nude is one color that we think is staple in every women’ wardrobem, since it’s neutral. It goes well with almost every colors ad it’s suitable for day-to-day outfit. Other than that, red and navy blue are also a must-have color. Red is enough to make a statement, even if it’s just a simple design. In addition, navy blue is also an essential color to have, it gives out a classy elegant look”

Hellena Gunawan


What type of bag do you use daily?

“My favorite would be medium sized messenger bag because it can accommodate many of my daily needs and it’s very suitable for young people like me”

Vanessa Michelle


Nike or adidas?

“From pricing wise, Adidas is a better brand.

I have had one Nike shoe, which costed me a bomb. Nike shoes though of a great quality are very expensive. Therefore, I moved to Adidas.

I have a pair of shoes from Adidas, which are 3 years old now and still provide me with the same comfort as the first day I wore it. Still in great condition and completely worth the penny.”

Michael Gunawan


What is the best sneakers for holiday ? 
The best sneakers for holiday for me is Adidas NMD series definitely. Comfortable, very light and stylish at the same time for your casual holiday look.

Christie Milvie


Name one sneakers you will bring on holidays! Please add the reason!

“Definitely Adidas Ultra Boost! Because it’s the most comfortable shoes I’ve used and I just love the design”

Alice Zhuang

[Influencer/Founder of Nailistic]

What is your fav bracelet brand and why?

“The bracelet I like the most is CDC (collier de chien) by Hermes. The designs are stunning, and the studded hardware is so stylish, it does fit me perfectly”

Leoni Angela

[Make Up Artist]

Can you give tips for girls on her 20s to dress up like her actual age?

“20s is the best time to experience all kinds of clothing style, especially the fit one. You can show your lil skin, or perhaps it’s the good time to wear sneaker, cap or any trending accessories as you like without being judged. In addition, i think finding the perfect cutting or color may be necessary, as each of us have different body type. Last but not least, black dress shouldn’t be forgotten”

Desyana Permana


What are the tips to look stylish while wearing hijab?

“Don’t be afraid to layer textures and lengths! You can even rock a cute sleeveless top if you want to. There’s no right or wrong in doing it!”

Flo Laksmana


What is your #1 fav brand? Why?

“Hermes. Because it retains its value, exclusive, and not mainstream”

Shannon Gianina


What is the tip to choose trusted online shop?

“For me, the trick on choosing the correct online vendors is foremost by reviews. They are the indicator on how good or bad the vendor is. Don’t get too excited about the discount though! Sometimes cheaper means less in terms of quality. Choose your vendor wisely, be brave and try it yourself!”

Anette Limantono

[Make Up Artist]

What is your fav handbag brand? Please add the reason.

“Kate Spade. Because it is girly yet classy!”

Chyntia Novianda


Let us know your source of inspiration in choosing personal outfits!

“My inspiration would come more from fashion designers who meet my fashion style and taste rather than public figures. The well-known brand which inspire me are Altuzarra, Christian Dior, Chusnie et Ochs, Tadashi Shoji, Agnona, Mira Zwillinger, and Zac Posen”

Felicia Bella

[Lecturer at Ciputra University]

How online business can affect Indonesia’s economy nowadays?

“In this digital age, going online will boost productivity across all sectors, and expand participation in the economy to all segments of population. But accelerating Indonesia’s digital progress will require businesses to step up their games, and fundamentally transform themselves”

Caroline Liyady

[Make Up Artist]

Can you give tips to protect your designer shoes?

“Two things: Sole protector and dry cloth”



If you only have 5 million IDR, what handbag will you buy from us?

“I will buy a Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Top Zip Tote because i think it matches my simple yet elegant personality.”

Yudhi Susanto


What is the best way to spend 10 mil IDR on fashion?

“I’m gonna spend it to make my own brand.”

Aquarista Stevie


What’s the best present for a birthday girl? Give us the reason.

“A Unique bag or shoes, because it’s different, new, and will steal everyone’s attention wherever she goes.”

Michael Erdin


What’s the best present for a birthday boy?? Tell us why?

“For me the best present for birthday boy is a Watch or a proper Stylish Outer. Because without those stuffs, a boy will look unattractive.”