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Worldwidely-taken OOTD from buyers!

Steven Edbert

Designers like Marcelo Burlon and Alessandro Michele have all recently employed snake to liven up their black tees. Here, Steven Edbert put that theory into action, groundling his look with sparky yellow snake Marcelo Burlon tee from The Avenue 88. A yellow/black Trasher logo cap played against the Yayoi Kusama polka-dot background, making it look eternally cool from head to toe.

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May Maya

Getting up and out the door on a hot sunny Bali day isn’t always the easiest of feats. But leave it to “GoodGalMayMay” to show the world how it’s done. A monochrome attitude, white jacket, and Balenciaga cap from The Avenue 88 are guaranteed to light up the tropical weather. The final touch is dashing white slip on from Adidas that is 100% tonally matched with the total look.

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Michael Lie

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate Michael from Givenchy’s iconic tees. Of all the many juicy images trickling out from his Instagram, one of the most striking OOTD is in Singapore while he wrapped himself with Givenchy Jesus Cross print tee.

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For her snowy trip to Northern Japan, Cornel stepped out with high boots, leather gloves, and contagious smile in tow. Adding to the equation, is her Louis Vuitton Metis sling bag from The Avenue 88. Complete pieces to frame her soft make-up face.

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Rey Honanda

Rey’s wardrobe is consistent in swag street wear items. His uniform was in full effect at his recent OOTD where he wore Justin Bieber’s red purpose hoodie. He kept things sleek in his signature palette but infused a dose of fashion magic through Gucci Kingsnake cap. Meanwhile, his Yeezy Oreo Belluga is another clever styling trick. Wonder where he gets all of this hype from? The Avenue 88 indeed.

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Lydia Sugianto

Need to put a spell on your OOTD? Look no further than Burberry sunglasses that Lydia bought from The Avenue 88. Want to give it a go? Use smart color on your top. As seen above, Maroon top is perfect match for the London Bridge.

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Marcel Nathanael Wiria

While most kids wait to grow up before they can enjoy Kenzo’s fabulous designs, Marcel is already wearing it. Apparently the prince can’t wait that long! Look at his dazzling smile on his holiday at Bali. Marcel’s top is Kenzo tee from The Avenue 88.

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Desyana Permana

Overlapping runway to reality, highly-lensed “It Girls” Desyana Permana wore her new pair of Gucci bloom slider from The Avenue 88 during her afternoon coffee. Combined with denim, her overall look was so effervescently dreamy.

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Evelyn Lim

With most of Instagram off enjoying far-flung summer vacations, it’s inevitable that feeds would become peppered with a hefty amount of “fitspiration”. And this time, it’s Evelyn showed off her toned body in front of Fisherman’s Bastion-Budapest. Steal Evelyn’s Balenciaga bracelet from The Avenue 88 which she combined with tropical-style denim.

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Allen Calvine

Elsewhere, Allen Calvine who spent the day in Prague, Czech Republic, took in the classy Charles Bridge view in a black Off White tee from The Avenue 88. Now you have plenty of reason to get out of bed and start shopping!

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Merlina Ong

Earlier today in Shanghai, Merlina and her daughter Joline Abigail dressed in yellow and white themed outfits accompanied by comfy sneakers from The Avenue 88. The transparent umbrella stands in correlation with Joline’s sunnies. This Mom-daughter styling trick really fits into “The Bund” background.. one of the most beautiful landscape in Asia.

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Richard Manuhurapon

Richard is the champion of subtle aesthetic that worked particularly well in Santorini, Greece. Richard showed just how chic all white outfits can be. He took a pair of Adidas NMD shoes from The aVENUE 88 in similar color and finished his look with cowboy-style hat and classic black sunnies. This OOTD is the best style ever to ever make its way with the blue-ish roofs behind.

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Grace Soegiharto

This time in Harbor Bridge-Sydney, headliner Grace has been hitting her stride, pairing black and white jumpsuit with blazer. She completed the laid back look with a sophisticated Ray-Ban sunglasses from The Avenue 88 in green, added a dose of rock star cool.

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Rendy D. Putra

Rendy wore a stately white shirt, classic piece of Hugo Boss, bought from The Avenue 88. He also combined it with dapper suit and pants that boosted endless supply of elegant yet arresting looks. His shoes was also movie-star–worthy and totally befitting him.

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Cynthia Kurniawan

Cynthia put a classy new spin on the matching tee and jumpsuit when stepped out in Krakow Old Town. Longchamp bag from The Avenue 88 made a more polished combination to her overall looks. Laced flat shoes was also a nice touch, supermodel appropriate.

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Fatigued by the craze for dapper shirt, Jeffrey flipped the script and discovered the power of swag casual by Marcelo Burlon. White tee color goes well with manner of prints and patterns. That’s why Jeffrey bring his favorite MB tee from The Avenue 88 for his holiday to Singapore.

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Cynthia B.K.

Cynthia caused another social media stir by wearing New Era/Majestic New York Yankees Jersey from The Avenue 88, paired with white jeans which showcased her enviably toned legs and fair skin. Not forget to mention, her red lips and easy blowout.. is a case of balmy-weather beauty-sporty done right.

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Kevin I.T.

For his holiday in Melbourne, Kevin celebrated summer in Kenzo Tiger tee and Adidas NMD sneakers from The Avenue 88. The modern yellowish sunnies made a sophisticated finish as well. He made such a brief appearance in Brighton Beach with jumping Buddha pose.

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Maya Merida

Maya unleashed her inner American girl in Antisocial Social Club hoodies from The Avenue 88 while enjoying her stroll in famous Harry Potter Castle at Universal Studios Japan. Maya punctuated her ensemble with a trendy and warm leather gloves, complete with her signature ponytail hair. Everything is just perfect for winter.

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Hartono S.T.

Anyone who has visited New Zealand knows what a feast for the senses the country provides. Hartono experienced its delights in well documented Marcelo Burlon sweatshirt from The Avenue 88, pants, and comfy sneakers. His little impromptu laughter is the best way to call back the sun.

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Merlina Ong

Merlina posed up for a picture despite the freezing and snowy weather in Hokkaido. She wore super warm clothes and sling bag by Louis Vuitton she bought from The Avenue 88. Everything was well-matched to the scenery behind.

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Jessica Alexandria

Jessica opted to embrace the beauty benefits of a sunny winter day in Shibuya crossing, Japan with Kenzo Tiger sweater from The Avenue 88, serious accesories from Hermes, fusion sneakers, and black sunnies. With everything luxurious, Jessica was ready to do a head-turner pose.

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Danny Suanthie and Harman Binanto

Danny, Harman, and friends threw fabulous look coordinately by wearing multiple designs of Marcelo Burlon sweaters bought from The Avenue 88 while enjoying New Years holiday in Hongkong. They all looked extravagant.

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Editor’s accurate choice to portray elegance is always Lisayani. She looked undoubtedly stunning in nude dress and Charlotte Olympia Dolly heels from The Avenue 88. With her platinum hair, smooth skin, and natural eye make up, Lisayani has a look that is as famous as the brand she helmed.

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Kevin Surya

Kevin share a church capture that transformed into OOTD while wearing matching Marcelo Burlon tee and Valentino camouflage sneakers from The Avenue 88. Cleverly coordinated in green theme, both are smart purchases. Such an inspiring casual look for his trip to Singapore!

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Lydia Siantar

If three’s a trend, then Prada handbag is officially here to stay. The Milan-based brand has been turning up on the likes of some of the most stylish It girls in town. Lydia Siantar also favored her Prada bag from The Avenue 88 as she took fabulous instagram-worth pic during Japan vacation.

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Celia W.

Celia wore a familiar long sleeve top and black jeans while spending spring in South Korea. Her Furla bag from The Avenue 88 also projected a quiet elegance and feminine sophistication. Also thanks to her beautiful long hair that added drama to the sun-kissed skin.

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Evelyn and Allen

On a cool July morning, just as a cloak of fog began to lift off the western hills of Budapest, Evelyn and Allen were fully well dressed in some items bought from The Avenue 88. You can order Louis Vuitton bag just as shown on Evelyn’s shoulder by simply surf our website!

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Debrina Setjoadi

Indonesia’s adoration for Saint Laurent could be wholly felt in this total stunning look from Debrina. An elegant gold “YSL” croco clutch she bought from The Avenue 88 is indeed one of the signature and must-have item.

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Andre Thie and Billy Thie

The siblings were spotted on Instagram braving the South Korea freeze with double Hugo Boss tees from The Avenue 88. They also managed to outshine the street style set in Adidas and Bally sneakers bought from the same online store.

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Edina Emanuela

Edina and Kenzo are a match made in fashion heaven. This time she wore Kenzo Tiger tee in black-green from The Avenue 88 for her visit to Nalu Bowl Bali. She also brought her Furla Metropolis bag for the total tropical ambience.

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Eka Djaja

Eka fell in love with this instagram-able spot of Australia as he took full OOTD look. Spotted, he wore damier textured Louis Vuitton loafers from The Avenue 88, adding drama to the funky background. Eka continues to bring his winning prince-like streak into the spring season.

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Cynthia Siswanto

While visiting Kudos Cafe, Cynthia wore casual top and jeans tucked into her classic heels which elevate her height instantly. Thanks to yellow Phillip Lim bag she bought from The Avenue 88 that kept her accessories just as casual yet stand out.

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Danny Suanthie

This time, Danny sported his look through Ih Nom Uh Nit tee from The Avenue 88 and ripped jeans. Such an inspiration for people who like to follow Hypebeast street wear rules.

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Imelda Valencia

Who said Minions and Monkeys can’t be friends? Clearly they fit each other well! OOTD from Imelda Valencia wearing Bathing Ape tee from The Avenue 88. So adorable..


Clara Chandra

Clara’s off-duty style consists of Givenchy “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies” oversized tee from The Avenue 88. It’s no surprise that she also wears black Manolo Blahnik heels which gives an appropriate look.

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